ART!! ^_____^ Well this is where I post my Pokémon art. They are all done in different mediums, like Photoshop, colour pencils, markers, and the like. I hope you enjoy it! ^___^

It's Vaporeon!

My former team that consists of Dugtrio, Cloyster, Zapdos, Parasect, Charizard and Mewtwo. Now I don't use them except for Mewtwo. I use a totally different group. One day I might doodle them ^_^

This is a concept drawing for a Vulpix anthro. ^___^

A little doodle of Mewtwo and a certain anthro-Vulpix(whom we shall call, "Elsa":). This is just something for my Pokémon Story.

This one is for my story. ^_____^ Mewtwo is making a proposal to Elsa. *grins* Although she doesn't accept, Mewtwo's still trying. ;)

That's pretty much all for this part...*frowns* Well, hopefully in the next update there'll be more! ^____^