*waves* Hi! This is the place to find out about me, the webmistress. ^^

Name : Elsa
Nickname : Medusa
Age : Immortal(no, J/K)
Birthdate : November 17
Hobbies : Worshipping Mewtwo, Vulpix, other ignored Pokémon, drawing, making websites...swimming, playing the computer & Game Boy.
Owns : Three Pokémon games(Red, Blue, Silver - Red's my main one, tho'), 9 Pokémon figurines, a Pokémon poster...
Loves : Mewtwo, Vulpix, anything with Mewtwo/Vulpix's face on it, and...what else...FOOD! And sleep!
Dislikes : People who diss Pokémon, homework, school...
Favourite Pokémon : Mewtwo & Vulpix! ^_____^
Least favourite Pokémon : Jynx...
Favourite Food : Onigiri! No...J/K :) Western, Japanese food...Chinese food too ^____^
From : Malaysia(tho' as a trainer, I come from Viridian City...*shrugs*)
Pokémon-Trainer-Persona-Relatives : Giovanni(uncle;), Prof. Oak & Gary Oak(stepfamily:)).
Has a crush on(human character in the show) : Uhm...this is a toughie, but I guess Brock & Gary. *drools like a fool*
Favourite Team Rocket Member : ALL OF THEM!!
Favourite bands : Westlife, Vertical Horizon, Bon Jovi...what else...oh, yeah, Savage Garden ^^
Least favourite singers : Britney Spears..
Favourite trainer(in the game) : EeeEEee...Bikers...?
Least favourite trainer(in the game) : Those annoying Jr. Trainers, Lass, Youngsters, Cue Balls...ick...
Favourite Gym Leader : Koga! And Brock!
Least Favourite Gym Leader : I don't have one. -_-;
Favourite type of Pokémon : Psychic & Fire. =)
Pokémon I started with : Charmander. I figured I needed a challenge.
Gym that took me the longest to defeat : Ehh...Misty's. Kept losing everytime until I got TM19, and Oddish and totally took her down with Seismic Toss & Absorb(from Oddish). And Sabrina's. Darn Alakazam.
Gym that took me the fastest to defeat : Blaine's and Giovanni's.
Gym that took me the longest to find : Ehh...Blaine's.
Had to do the MissingNo. trick on : A lot of things.
Evolved Eevee into : Jolteon
Took the : Dome Fossil(I prefer a spazzy mantis thingie than some shell)
Money Owned : $999999
Took : Hitmonchan(CHAAAAAAAN!!).
Defeated Elite Four : too many times. I like trying out new strategies with them.
Thinks is an Annoying Pokémon : Zubat and Exeggcute. AAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!
Favourite Pokémon Website : Refuse to answer that. ^_~
Least favourite Pokémon website : Refuse to answer that. ^_~

Check out the FAQ for more info. ^_^

Or you can view the things that makes me go "Hmm...."! ^____^

Lastly, you can learn about Mewtwo! ^___^

My favourite type of Pokémon are fire-types for those who want to know. ^_^ I favour most fire and psychic types. My favourite fire types are definitely all of them and my favourite psychics are all them, of course. ^_^

I also take a shine to creatures that are based on canines...e.g.

Gabumon(Digimon...please don't hurt me!)
Garurumon(Digimon...please don't hurt me!)
Weregarurumon(Digimon...please don't hurt me either!)

Heehee. ^^

For the lowdown on my version of Pokémon...

I'm playing : Pokémon Red.
I chose : Charmander
My name is : Elsa(duh!:P)
My rival's name is : Gary
I've lost a battle at : Sabrina & Misty's gym.
I've lost a battle with Gary : *counts* I don't know. @_@
I've evolved my Eevee into : Jolteon(I wanted to take a Vaporeon since I was low on water Pokémon, but naaaawwww)
I've done the Missingno. trick on : Too many items! Yes, I'm pathetic. o.O
I've taken(Fighting Dojo) : Hitmonchan
The Pokémon I've had problems catching : Zapdos(He was the reason that drove me to doing that trick;), Scyther, Tauros, Porygon(I *hate* YOU!)
My favourite gym leader : Uhm...Koga. ^_^ He's the only one who looks handsome ;p And Giovanni too. ;P
My favourite Elite Four : LANCE!! ^_^
All my Pokémon are : Level 100. ^_^
I've done the worst thing ever by : Throwing away valuable TMs. *curse!*
I've done the STUPIDEST thing ever by : Teaching my Gastly TM29(Psychic) and released it on accident.
My Hall of Fame is : Screwed up. @_@ When I was browsing through it, I saw an Eevee called Elsa. Odd. It was funny too. ^_^
I've deleted the most important attack on my : Beedrill's Pin Missile. I accidentally replaced it with Agility. Grr. Thank goodness I didn't delete Twin Needle...
My team right now is : Arcanine, Mewtwo, Lapras, Aerodactyl, Parasect and Jolteon. :P

Wanna contact me? ;p You can contact me by :

Email : medusa_snake@hotmail.com
ICQ : #28632888 (I need authorization, btw;)

I also have another site where it's a personal site. It's at http://medusasnake.8m.com. ^_^

Disclaimer : Pokémon belongs to Nintendo/Games Freak/Creatures, not me(tho' I wish it is). All the images here are drawn by me, except for some. So you can't take them. =nyahhh-

The whole site design is all © Elsa Lai 2000. Steal and...uhm...you know. =)