*This site was activated on 4th June 2000*

Sunday, June 11, 2000
YEAAA!! An update! ^_^ I've changed the colours of this site, so it isn't basic black now. ^_^ And the text are a bit brighter so people don't need to strain their eyes reading the text. ^.^

I've updated the Editorials page with a new "editorial", the About Me page, and...let's see...what else...FAQ. I promise to update the gym leaders' pages, strategies and hmm page. ^_^

And I added a Pokémon Names page. Find it at the games page. :)

I'll be adding these in the future :
1) Scans of my Pokémon toys(okay, there's only 12 of them! ^^;;)
2) Scans from my Pokémon comics
3) Site of the update
4) and definitely more art!

*stretches* Yup, that's all. I've also been added to the Psychic Pokémon Connection and Official Pokémon Shoshiki Webring. JOY!! *bounces*

I also added a little 'Back' icon that leads you back to the page where that link was supplied. ^_^ It makes it a bit easier to go to, so you don't need to keep pressing that @#$%ing "Back" button.

I forgot, I might add a "Humour" page and a page for FIRE Pokémon only. ^_^ I'm an avid fan of fire Pokiés. *evil grin* o.O

So enjoy the updates, you guys. ^_^

And a brief note, if you have pictures of the Elite Four, please send them to me(medusa_snake@hotmail.com). But if you don't, I can take time to scan them directly from my Game Boy when I have the time. *evil grin*

Also in the next update, I found some beautiful illustrations done by Game Freak, and I'll be putting them up here. Of course, I'll be giving credit to Game Freak. ^_~

I'm also accepting fan art to put up here. ;) If you have any, send them to me! I'll be glad to put it up here. *grins* Just make sure it's Pokémon-related. ;p